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There’s this theme that’s been recurring in my dreams ever since I started college. I’m with friends, and we’re all having a pleasant time, but then my vision starts swirling and blurring. Everybody’s voices morph into this deep rumbling I can’t understand. I’m dizzy. I start to hyperventilate. I feel like I’m going to faint. Nobody else notices, and they continue with what they’re doing.

black-laced fed me an idea for a kirby

black-laced fed me an idea for a kirby


Forg, the Winter Frog. (1)

capnorannge said: im not a happy drunk. i’m so sorry

it’s okay friend I still love you and will hold your hair for you

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Hello! I'm Cat, an 18 year-old who likes to draw and ramble on about trivial things. (pronouns gender-neutral)